"I truly hate Tina. She has it all—brains, wit, beauty and truly the best coaching ability I’ve ever witnessed. If ad agencies were really savvy, they’d hire Tina to coach every VO session they do. She somehow manages to find each person’s unique talents and insightfully guides them with precise direction. There’s just no one as talented and as much fun as she is." — Carolyn Casey


Tina Morasco brings a unique blend of industry and artistry to her VO coaching, having been a voiceover agent at two of NY’s premiere talent agencies (WME and ICM) as well as a successful VO artist for the past 20 years. Most recently, Tina has been lending her expertise to Sound & Fury Casting, helping hundreds of brands find their perfect voice. Tina is passionate about sharing her experience from both sides of the business and she has a proven track record of discovering new talent and mentoring them into becoming working VO pros. Tina earned her MFA in Acting, training under William Esper at the prestigious Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. In 2013, she also received a second Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, which she also utilizes in her coaching sessions. Techniques such as intention setting, mindfulness, and creating ideal scenes to reach your goals can all be woven into the voiceover curriculum for a holistic approach to launching the career of your dreams.

Tina offers VO coaching, as well as demo preparation and production. Her demos have been well received by the agent community resulting in her clients getting representation at many of LA’s top tier agencies.

Areas of expertise:

Commercial VO
Demo preparation and production

All coaching done via Zoom

1 hour coaching session: $200
5 session package: $850 ($150 savings when purchased in advance)


"I really don’t want to tell you about Tina’s expert VO coaching technique. Or how she tapped into my inner voice actor, transforming my audition game. Or point out how Tina's experience performing, representing AND casting has her ear fine-tuned to the Now trends in voiceover. Or even that she’s sharp, funny & knows her shit - cold. I don’t know you - why would I share any of that? Book a session & figure it out for yourself." - Ken Foster

Tina Morasco has honestly changed my life for the better! She is such a positive and uplifting coach and has helped me find my natural voice. Her training has helped me hone in my vocal strengths and make every read unique. Her years of experience within the voice over industry proves that she knows what she’s talking about and without her training, I would not be receiving the opportunities I have now! — Bella Asali

With Tina’s encouragement and guidance, I was able to create a demo that I was proud of and attain the skills in order to enter into the voice over industry. She is one of a kind and I cannot thank her enough for all that she has taught me. — Lillian Young

Those who can, do. And those who can... also teach. A talented actress, an accomplished voice artist, an insightful coach. And one of the most caring people I’ve ever met.
James Hendry, Group Creative Director, Team One Advertising

As a member of VME, (Veterans in Media and Entertainment), 40 members were given an opportunity to participate in a hands on VO workshop at a studio with top coaches who volunteered their time;3 coaches per 7 person group in a practice booth session. Tina was one of the people I worked with. I was very impressed & fascinated by they way in which she directed the room, her knowledge base, making adjustments and motivation! This session was a first step in a new direction for me. I realized I needed to work on my groundwork and that I didn’t quite understand the industry the way I should have. I privately coached with Tina and she helped me to realize my own organic sound and taught me in a way that gave me confidence and grounded my work. She helped me to develop a dynamic compelling VO demo reel, that I am truly proud of. I emailed my reel out and got swift responses back from top agents requesting a meeting with me! I was so very excited and thankful to be able to sign with VOX agency! I have since booked multiple spots including a CBS promo and a holiday radio spot. Tina is an outstanding coach and a wonderful human being! I’d call her a friend. She is a joy to work with and I’ve had tremendous growth and development as an artist because of her.
Juliette Myers

Honestly, I was really nervous about making my first Commercial Voice Over Demo. Luckily, I had a friend recommend Tina Morasco to me, and it was the best choice I've made. Tina wasn't just super sweet and friendly when coaching me, she was also honest. No B.S. Since she has a finger on the current VO trends, I trusted her to tell me what type of reads my voice is good for. And when it came time to actually record my demo, I wasn't just prepared, I was excited! And the result was outstanding! 3 weeks after sending it out to agents, I signed to DDO Artists Agency. Tina is the Bomb! My one regret: I forgot to take a picture with her after we recorded my Demo. — Ian Walker Price

Tina is an ABSOLUTE JEWEL! I’m so grateful for her voiceover coaching! Her positive, straight forward energy is so addictive that I know we will always have a great relationship. She is so approachable, relatable and knowledgeable about this industry and I still continue to learn from her. Within months of working with her, I have not only established an agent, but also have had multiple auditions and bookings! Thank you Tina for everything!!!!
Janab Kareem



Tina Morasco brings a unique blend of industry and artistry to her VO coaching, having been a voiceover agent at two of NY’s premiere talent agencies (WME and ICM) as well as a successful VO artist for the past 20 years.